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Seals of Approval

The square seals are 1 5/8 inches in size, the round seals are 1 3/4 inches in diameter.

Bulk seals are simply strips of seals on the paper backing, 5 per strip. You'll get 4 strips for each unit of 20 seals. The cost for 20 seals is $6.00.

Bulk Seals

The retail box is a 2 inch square plastic box with 12 seals inside. This heavy duty box is reusable, either for other seals or any purpose you choose. The cost for a box of 12 seals is $6.00.

Box of Seals Box content

Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail. Most orders will fit within the flat rate envelope or small box, at a postage cost of $5.00. For larger orders, we'll charge the exact amount of postage. If you have any question on the postage, or wish to make other arrangements, please contact us before placing the online order.